Responding to Autism is open for services. However, your safety is our top concern and priority.

We understand you may be concerned about how coronavirus and COVID-19 might affect your health and our services.  We want to assure you that infection control and surveillance for COVID-19 is our top priority.

Please know that:


  • We are staying updated about COVID-19 by following the guidance with our local state health departments and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

  • We have established infection control protocols in place that align with the recommendations from the CDC. This includes:

    • Sanitizing before, during, and after appointments.

    • Limiting office based services to one-on-one sessions and appointments only.

    • No touch temperature checks and symptom/exposure questions.

    • Staff will be wearing face masks and face masks will available for clients to use.

    • Anyone entering Responding to Autism must immediately wash or sanitize hands.

  • Our staff has been educated on the emergency preparedness plan.


  • We are also educating our clients on what they can do to prevent the spread of illness.


Services using audio/visual technology are available for any client or family who are in the high-risk category or prefer this option.


Thank you for your on-going understanding and support as we navigate this ever-changing situation. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment.

Supporting Individuals with Autism through Uncertain Times


What’s COVID-19? Visual Click here

To download the 12-page color guide as a .pdf, go to:

To download the line-art coloring book as a .pdf, go to:

To download a NO TEXT (art only) guide for making translations as a .pdf, go to:…/covid19kidsblankcolorpdf/mode/2up


Support Understanding

Support Understanding Strategy Packet.pdf

Support Understanding-Calendar Template.docx

Support Understanding-Calendar Template.pdf

Support Understanding-Coronavirus.pdf

Support Understanding-COVID-19.pdf

Support Understanding-Creating VS and SN Apps.pdf

Support Understanding-Giving People Space When Talking.pdf

Support Understanding-Giving People Space.pdf

Support Understanding-Greeting People.pdf

Support Understanding-Handwashing (Clipart).pdf

Support Understanding-Handwashing (Photos).pdf

Support Understanding-Handwashing.pdf

Support Understanding-Timer Apps.pdf

Support Understanding-Timer using Stickie Notes.pdf


Offer Opportunities for Expression

Offer Opportunities for Expression Strategy Packet.pdf

Offer Opportunities for Expression-Activities.pdf

Offer Opportunities for Expression-Communication Tools.pdf

Prioritize Coping and Calming Skills

Prioritize Coping and Calming Skills Strategy Packet.pdf

Prioritize Coping and Calming Skills-Calming Routine.pdf

Prioritize Coping and Calming Skills-Exercise Activities.pdf

Prioritize Coping and Calming Skills-Exercise Choice Board.pdf

Prioritize Coping and Calming Skills-FACE COVID.pdf

Prioritize Coping and Calming Skills-Mindfulness Apps.pdf

Prioritize Coping and Calming Skills-Self-Management.pdf

Maintain Routines

Maintain Routines Strategy Packet.pdf

Maintain Routines-Make a Snack.pdf

Maintain Routines-Task Analysis Template.docx

Maintain Routines-Task Analysis Template.pdf

Maintain Routines-Tips for Creating TA.pdf

Maintain Routines-Unload the Dishwasher.pdf

Build New Routines

Build New Routines Strategy Packet.pdf

Build New Routines-Additional Activity Resources.pdf

Build New Routines-Daily Schedule Example Using Stickie Notes.pdf

Build New Routines-Daily Schedule Example.pdf

Build New Routines-Daily Schedule Template Using Stickie Notes.docx

Build New Routines-Daily Schedule Template Using Stickie Notes.pdf

Build New Routines-Daily Schedule Template.docx

Build New Routines-Daily Schedule Template.pdf

Build New Routines-Educational and Movement Resources for Teenagers.pdf

Build New Routines-Educational Resources for Kids.pdf

Build New Routines-How to Transition Off Screens.pdf

Build New Routines-Inside and Outside Activities.pdf

Build New Routines-Movement Resources for Kids.pdf

Build New Routines-Weekly Choices and Goals.pdf

Build New Routines-Weekly Schedule Template.docx

Build New Routines-Weekly Schedule Template.pdf


Foster Connections (From a Distance)

Foster Connections (From a Distance) Strategy Packet.pdf

Foster Connections-Calling with FaceTime.pdf

Foster Connections-Marco Polo.pdf

Foster Connections-Video Chat Apps.pdf


Be Aware of Changing Behaviors

Be Aware of Changing Behaviors Strategy Packet.pdf

Be Aware of Changing Behaviors-Crisis Supports.pdf

Stay Informed

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