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Behavioral Services & Support

The Responding to Autism Center offers a variety of behavioral  services for families and professionals.

 Programs & Support

We use a variety of developmental, Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA), and activity based approaches.


Sessions take place at the Responding to Autism Center.


Individual needs assessment, program set-up, and parent training included! 


Sliding fee scale available.

Behavioral Support Plans

Individualized behavior plans developed for school, community, or home.


Includes records review, observations, implementation and follow-up meetings.


Each program is developed to meet the individual needs of each child and family.

Functional Behavioral Assessments

Complete and comprehensive functional behavioral assessments. Also called Individualized Educational Assessment.


Precess Includes:

  • Multi-day observations

  • Teacher and caregiver interviews

  • Records review

  • Full comprehensive report

  • Individualized tools and strategies

  • Development and implementation of a positive behavior plan

Come in for a FREE consultation with one of our specialists. Give us a call at 509-396-9230 or email


Service/Program cost is based on a sliding fee scale.  Invoices are provided for submission to FSA's, or insurance companies for reimbursement purposes only. Payment options available.

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